St. Joseph's Physicians Office Building

Originally, the building stood as an eight-story structure with the top three floors being the physician’s office space.  The first five levels, currently a parking garage, will be transformed into usable office space. The exterior will get a new façade to match the hospital campus.

April 2023 Update

Our team has installed the new 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor levels under the existing Physicians Office Building (POB), built new stair tower shafts, and laid the groundwork for the bridge that will connect the POB to the main hospital. And yes, the people working in their offices above? They're still up there, doing their best to work with us like champs. We appreciate their patience and understanding as we accomplish this feat together.

Demolition is almost complete on the old parking garage, and we’re excited to begin work on the new three-story addition. This project is a testament to our innovative approach and we have Project Manager Matt Herron, Superintendent Andy Stoffle, and Assistant Superintendent Joe Cutro to thank for leading the charge.

September 2023 Update

The North end is complete with the metal wall panels that nicely match the existing hospital. The East end installation of metal wall panels has started and is in progress. The South end is being framed and sheathed and is ready for waterproofing. The West end is in the demo phase. Framing and sheathing will follow there. Interior steel repairs are ongoing and are preparing for the floor slab demo in adding new floor levels to the building.

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