St. Joseph’s partners with Hayner Hoyt for Innovative Expansion

St. Joseph's partners with Hayner Hoyt for Innovative Expansion


SYRACUSE, N.Y.  – Walking into the main entrance of St. Joseph’s Hospital on Prospect Avenue, you would never know there are over 200 workers building a $140 million expansion just steps inside. Only after walking through the entrance, a serene waiting room, and multiple corridors do you begin to notice signs of a multi-million dollar project in progress.

Started in April 2012, the current expansion is being completed with the help of a $2.5 million New York state award given through the Central New York Regional Economic Development Council (CNY REDC). CNY REDC works to create a more diverse, sustainable, and globally competitive economy for those who live and work in Central New York. The St. Joseph’s Hospital expansion is just one of the 74 regional projects that received a portion of the total $103.7 million awarded in funding to the region last year.

The current expansion, Phase Two B of a two-phase project, will create a new patient tower with 14 operating room suites, 110 new private patient rooms (72 medical/surgical and 38 critical care), and a corridor to North Side businesses. One unique feature of this expansion is that the medical equipment and medication storage areas are located right next to the treatment areas, providing all needed amenities in one space. This is just one example of many improvements made in the expansion, which positively impacts the treatment process and allows the St. Joseph’s staff to be even more efficient and productive in serving their patients.