Rathbun Lofts

The Rathbun Transformed

The Rathbun Lofts in Utica, New York serve as the perfect marriage of historical character and modern convenience.  With 100 years of rich history under its belt, the renovation has truly served it justice by transforming the building into a gorgeous living and office space with a nod to more industrial times.  Though the past tenants of the building vary greatly, the historical impression each left is felt in the structural details that have been maintained.

In 1913, Rathbun & Company, a manufacturer of knitwear and workingmen’s clothing as well as an importer and wholesaler of dry goods and hosiery, settled into the building where it stayed until 1935.  The following year, in 1936, National Accessories, an auto parts retailer, took over the building.  They remained the primary tenant until 1965 when the Mohawk Hospital Equipment Company converted the space into a medical supply manufacturing building. However, by 2009 the beautiful landmark sat vacant.

It would have been a simple tragedy for this historically rich building to remain empty.  But, rather than allowing history to slip through its fingers, Hayner Hoyt took on the renovation project to construct the luxury lofts that are now available for lease!

Understanding Rathbun’s architectural importance, it was imperative that the historic character of the building remain intact.  The original ceiling of the building has been preserved as well as the finished oak and maple floors. Brought to complete restoration, these facets were replaced and repaired only as needed.

Located in the heart of the Baggs Square neighborhood, the building truly serves as a testament to Utica’s resurgence.  Rathbun Lofts maintains its industrial charm through exposed brick walls, the original wood beams, and restored floors. Large over-sized windows provide an abundance of natural light, highlighting these beautiful historic details.

Thanks to Superintendent Stacy Sheppard, Project Manager Maggie Werts, Assistant Project Manager Matt Herron and Project Engineer MJ Park, Rathbun Lofts has been transformed from a deteriorating and forgotten old building back to the architecturally historical staple it once was from the inside out.

The Rathbun Lofts are currently available for lease. There are 24 units with a range of layouts. Regardless of the unit, the high ceilings, large windows, and spacious rooms provide a luxurious yet traditional feel.  The building provides free on-site parking, an exercise room, and community room. The ground floor will serve as dedicated commercial office space.