Meier’s Creek Brewing Company

Meier's Creek Brewing Company

At 33 Rippleton Road in Cazenovia lies the old Empire Farm Brewery. Feldmeier Equipment Co. acquired the facility after the brewery went bankrupt. They had installed the original brewing system and are taking the opportunity to showcase their capabilities in a thirst-quenching way by starting their own brewery.

Meier’s Creek Brewing Company will be crafting new beer recipes in a re-conceptualized restaurant and tasting room in a renovated facility which will include the installation of a small Feldmeier-built pilot brew house to showcase their manufacturing capabilities.

In regards to infrastructure renovations, the company wants to better combine the brewer side and tap room to create a more robust tasting experience. Nate Hickey, Meier's Creek's general manager, is keeping the public’s feedback in mind from the Empire days. One example is the consideration of excess sound traveling from the brewery to the restaurant, an issue he says which will definitely be addressed during the renovations.

Our carpenters began interior demolition at the beginning of this year and the new Meier’s Creek Brewing Company is set to open later this year.