January Project Updates

January 2020

We've made great progress on all of our projects this month!  From a hospital renovation to an interior demolition of a brewery to a very impressive 131,000 lb, 60 foot long steel delivery, this new year has proven to be very exciting thus far.  Check out the project updates below and learn about all of our January milestones!

Oswego Med Surg

It's an active season of construction with Oswego Health. Beyond the new behavioral health services facility, we are working on a few improvement projects within the hospital including a comprehensive renovation to the third and fourth floors to create a state-of-the-art medical/surgical suite. Currently, on the third floor interior partition wall framing is being installed and plumbing and electrical rough-ins are ongoing. On the fourth floor tile abatement is in process. With the holiday season behind us, our project team (Jamie Stoffle, Fred Van Riper, and Demetrius Pettway) is pushing full steam ahead!

Syracuse University Dome Roof Project

January 9th, at the Dome! Walt the Crane looks rather dashing in the snow, don't you think?

Meier's Creek Brewing Company

A group of our carpenters has begun interior demolition at Meier's Creek Brewing Company, the new brewery that will open in the spring at the old Empire Farm Brewery site in Cazenovia. The new brew house will have its own brand and recipes as well as act as a showcase for owner Feldmeier Equipment's brewing tanks. It’s not every day that we get to renovate a brewery and we’re not going to lie, we’re pretty excited about it! Stay tuned for updates throughout the project.

St. Joseph's Health Parking Garage

Things are moving right along at the St. Joseph's Health Primary Care Center parking garage. A five level scaffold has been built in order to provide a safe space for masonry to work along the sides of the garage. The crane being used at the site has also been knuckled down allowing it to fold into a smaller size, providing the ability for it to extend further to reach loads at a distance.

Compass Federal Credit Union

Compass Federal Credit Union is preparing the site foundation for their new location in Fulton! Due to the cold weather, a mobile glycol heating system is being used to help cure the concrete. Heated glycol is pumped through field hoses laid out around the site to provide warmth. It then makes its way back to the reservoir where it is re-heated and then circulated back through the hoses. Processes like these show that no matter the weather you can depend on us to get the job done!

SRC, Inc. Building #5

The SRC, Inc. Building #5 is proving to be a very fast moving project! There has been an installation of 40 columns and 40 new footers. We are currently focused on creating a new front vestibule. A foundation is being poured to support the extension that will serve as the building’s front entrance. At completion, it will function as a partial warehouse along with a series of office spaces. A big thank you to our Superintendent Bill Nelson, Project Manager Jim Polakiewicz, and Assistant Project Manager Kyle Robinson for doing such an amazing job on this project!

SU Dome Roof Delivery

Hailing from the Great White North, crown truss box girder piece #2181 arrived at the Syracuse University Dome roof project from Groupe ADF Inc.'s shop in Montreal this week. Heavyweight champ weighing in at over 131,000 lbs and measuring roughly 60 feet long, this is one of the largest pieces of steel being installed and is classified as a "superload". That status requires special travel permits, police escorts, and a custom made trailer to make it navigable. Buckner HeavyLift Cranes' "Son of Walt" was called into action to unload the unwieldy beast. All we'd like to say is...welcome to the Crown, little buddy.