Construction in the Age of Coronavirus

Construction in the Age of Coronavirus

Throughout the months of March, April, and May we were able to continue working on some projects deemed essential during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Our first priority was to implement strict health and safety precautions in order to protect our essential workers on the job sites.

We added hand sanitizing and hand washing stations to all of our sites, encouraging frequent hand washing throughout the day.  All workers, including subcontractors, are required to wear a mask and, when possible, to practice 6 ft social distancing protocols.  Superintendents and supervisors perform wellness checks on workers each day which includes health related questions including fever, respiratory ailments, and other symptoms associated with Covid-19.  Frequently touched surfaces within the workplace are disinfected multiple times each day.  Face-to-face meetings have been replaced with virtual conferences and tasks that usually require two people working close together have been re-worked to promote social distancing.  It has truly been an ongoing monitoring and enforcement process to make sure everybody stays safe!

Check out the projects below to see what we were able to continue working on throughout these unprecedented times.

3rd and 4th Floor Medical Surgical unit renovation at Oswego Health Hospital

Phase 1 of the 3rd and 4th Floor Medical Surgical unit renovation at Oswego Health Hospital wrapped up towards the end of March. This phase consisted of the complete demolition of the existing West Wing to make way for 12 new patient rooms per floor, as well as new charting areas, supply rooms, patient nutrition areas, staff locker/break rooms, and prayer/meditation rooms. Each room was designed with patients and staff in mind, providing a comfortable, home-like experience. All patient rooms are private with inclusive private bathrooms and showers and feature patient lifts to assist patients in and out of beds. Due to the state of emergency, construction was placed on pause around the first week of April.  Superintendent Jamie Stoffle and Project Manager Fred Van Riper are looking forward to jumping into Phase 2 as soon as they can.

Oswego Health Behavioral Health Services

EIFS is complete on the west elevation and nearly all windows have been installed. The stone façade, completed by the talented Doyner team, is ongoing and cement board siding has started on the south west elevation and will continue in the coming weeks. On the inside, all interior framing is complete. In wall rough in and sheathing dry wall and finishing is ongoing and some areas are ready for paint. Thank you Superintendent Tim Moran, Project Manager Adam Legg, and Project Engineer Nicholas Kier!

Bio 365

The new 30,000 square foot pre-engineered metal building will serve as a dirt processing facility for organic soil and will also have office and locker room facilities. At the end of March, steel was erected and site utilities were being worked on. Roof insulation and vapor barrier installation, as well as concrete slab, was well on its way!

As of mid-May, the exterior of the building was near completion with the interior not far behind with a final concrete pour for the floor scheduled. The interior fit-up was primed and painted and door frames were installed. Site electric and light poles were installed and the parking lot was being prepped. At the time of this post, the facility is just about complete. Stay tuned for finished photos of the space. Nice work Bill Enright, Jim Polakiewicz, and Kyle Robinson!

Syracuse University Dome Roof

Due to potential safety risks, the Syracuse University Dome Roof project was deemed essential and construction continued throughout the entirety of the past three months.  In mid-march, the dome roof was deflated to make way for the new roof.

Thanks to milder weather and the dedication of our team, we were able to move full steam ahead with steel erection and the cable net layout for the new roof.

In April we hit a major milestone in the Dome roof project. The crown truss was completed with the installation of the keystone piece, weighing in at 129,000 pounds. Per tradition, the final piece of steel was autographed by members of the team, decked out with ceremonial flags and, you may be surprised to see, a tree. With roots in Scandinavia, builders traditionally topped out their wood-framed structures with a tree and it’s a tradition carried on by iron workers today as reverence for a successful project thus far, and continued luck for the future.



Compass Federal Credit Union

In April, we practiced social distancing to get the building enclosed before the site shut down for a little while.

We were then able to resume work in May and completed exterior siding. We are in the final stages of brick veneer, finishing up exterior fascia trim, and starting sheet rock. Electrical rough in has come to completion and plumbing and mechanical rough in is currently being worked on. Next week site work will resume and millwork and painting will begin.

Thanks to Superintendent Jim Lostracco, Project Manager Jim Polakiewicz, and Assistant Project Manager Aaron Devereaux for leading the way during this uncertain time.


Meier’s Creek Brewing Company

In April, prior to the rapidly changing current state of affairs, we had made a lot of progress at Meier’s Creek Brewing Company since we last checked in. The finished space will highlight foundational details through aesthetically exposed structural support and new ceiling drop clouds will reveal electricals. The 2nd floor deck has been removed and structural seals and wall frames have been placed. Steel cut-out openings make way for new windows. 19 ft windows will connect the brewing equipment room to the restaurant area while 18 ft windows open the main space to the outside scenic view.

As of end of May, the 18 ft windows, opening the main space to the outside scenic view, are undergoing work. Finer details such as the trim around the edges of the inner structure are being placed. Duct work is underway as well as the hanging of the ceilings and clouds. The updated kitchen is in the process of resetting equipment. Great job Superintendent Eric Taber and Project Manager Sam Doss!


St. Joseph's Health Primary Care Center

Despite these unusual times, we were able to wrap up work on the St. Joseph’s Health Primary Care Center parking garage. The finished structure is 4.5 stories tall and provides almost 400 parking spaces, replacing the existing physicians’ office building parking garage.

Thanks to Superintendent Ken Crossway, Project Manager Sam Doss, and Project Engineer Alex McGill for leading the charge.


We broke ground on a new water storage tank facility for Fage in early May. Superintendent Craig Duda, Project Manager Sam Doss, and Assistant Project Manager Nick Kier are hitting the ground running overseeing foundations and site work.