Compass Federal Credit Union

Compass Federal Credit Union

The Compass Federal Credit Union project, a 3,400 square foot new branch located in Fulton, New York, is a perfect example of the diversity of work the Hayner Hoyt team is capable of accomplishing.  From foundation to framework, we have employed our own force in its construction thus far!

In January, in order to continue work through the cold weather, we utilized a mobile glycol heating system to help cure the concrete. Through this process, heated glycol is pumped through field hoses laid out around the site to provide warmth. It then makes its way back to the reservoir where it is re-heated and then circulated back through the hoses.

Following, our team completed the foundation work.  This included back-filling foundation walls and pouring grade beams to prep for a canopy.  While Paragon Environmental Construction worked on the interior slab, we began the under slab and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work. In order to continue keeping everything warm through the winter season, a combination of radiant heat and forced air was applied to the slab.

We’re proud to have our own skilled carpenters framing the building.  As site grading wraps up, we are going to be sheathing the outside building and trusses and running underground site utilities.

This project is an exciting opportunity to showcase the diverse capability of our very own Hayner Hoyt team from foundation to frame work.  Thanks to Superintendent Jim Lostracco, Project Manager Jim Polakiewicz, Assistant Project Manager Aaron Devereaux and our carpenters for doing an amazing job thus far!