Construction is often unpredictable; good logistical planning is critical to minimizing business disruption and keeping your company and your people moving forward. Our preconstruction services end the guesswork and maximize the value of your building investment by providing you with a comprehensive project plan before we break ground. We custom-tailor our plan to fit your project timeline, resources, team members, and operations. We can offer services broad enough to include municipal approval, designer selection, and program development, or limit them to cost estimating and constructability review. Our team of experts will support your project to best suit your needs.



We work with many design firms and can help find the best design professional through referrals or we can manage the proposal process for you.


We prepare for every potential issue long before the first shovel touches the ground.


We work with city, state, utilities, and municipalities to avoid any delays due to unnecessary red tape.


Starting a project on time is just as important as completing it on time.  We can prepare and manage the project schedule from the onset to make sure the project not only stays on schedule during construction, but also in the Design Development phase when schedule slides most often occur.


We provide accurate, detailed construction estimates throughout the design process to make sure the project's design fits your desired budget.  If the project's design does not fit the intended budget, time and money are lost redesigning or cutting the program. We prepare periodic estimates to help make sure that the project is within the budget and on time.


During the design and budgeting process, we will make suggestions on more economical ways to design the building without sacrificing the project aesthetic or quality.  We work collaboratively with the design professionals and the client to keep the design efficient and economical.  We also make sure that the final building product is not plagued with high maintenance cost or poor performing features that look attractive but can result in high maintenance or operational costs.


General Contracting

General Contracting is the most traditional construction delivery method.  When Hayner Hoyt serves as your General Contractor, we bring our signature integrity and accountability to your project and always place our clients’ interests first.

As a general contractor, we handle all the construction service hiring and manage subcontractors to make sure we meet your project goals. Whether we are hired on a negotiated basis or selected through a competitive bid process, we hold ourselves to the highest standard to make sure your experience is positive and the construction process is a pleasant one.

• Bidding

• On-site supervision

• Safety control

• Subcontractor management

• All construction administration


When it is beneficial to your project, we have the hands-on expertise of more than 60 skilled craftsmen in the following trades:

• Foundations/Concrete

• Finish Work

• Carpentry

 • Masonry

• Light-Gauge Metal Framing (LGMF)

• Drywall and Acoustical Ceilings


Our construction management approach is unlike any other in the industry.  We combine our skill as both a pre-construction leader and general contractor to maximize the economy and performance of your project. Add to that a transparent administration process and we become your dedicated construction department. Here’s a summary of our superior approach:

• Our comprehensive administration process adds the highest level of control to the entire building process.

• We make sure the project design fits the budget and schedule.

• We enhance the design documents by developing detailed construction bid documents expanding the scope and close loopholes to reduce the potential for change orders during construction.

• We administer the bidding process for maximum participation and clarity of information.

• We bid the work to the lowest level of scope increasing our control and reducing costs by eliminating multiple layers of subcontractor mark-ups.

• We give our clients control of their project by reviewing all subcontractor bids together and making joint decisions on awards.

• Once the subcontractors are selected, we move into construction, hiring and managing all subcontractors and serving a single point of contact for our clients.

• A dedicated construction team then manages the construction process to the smallest detail, to bring the project in on target.

It’s this rigorous process that ensures that we aren’t just building a project, but that we’re building our client’s satisfaction and confidence in our performance.

• Lead the preconstruction process

• Develop preliminary budget and master schedule

• Create a reporting system and manage information from subcontractors and design professionals

• Conduct value engineering and constructability reviews

• Solicit final bids from subcontractors, evaluate and recommend bidders for contract award

• Lead the construction process

• Administer construction progress meetings with all stakeholders

• Regularly update and manage project schedule

• Manage project budget, provide regular updates

• Proactively manage the construction, anticipate difficulties and respond appropriately

• Administer payment process to subcontractors, coordinate third-party vendors to ensure timely payments and proper lien releases are submitted

• Promote a safe workplace with a project safety plan

• Generate a punch list and complete project



We make sure the right people—those with the top-tier skills and abilities—are in the right places, solving problems and offering insight in the decision-making process. We work collaboratively, cultivating a free exchange of ideas and disbursing expertise across the entire project. We have built long-standing relationships with leading architects and engineers that enable us to deliver a unique brand of contractor-led design and build (CLDB) construction with a single source of project accountability.

We can deliver our CLDB model with a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) where we return any savings on the project or as a lump sum contract. This model provides benefit from start to finish and Hayner Hoyt maintains strict control of cost and schedule, offering all the preconstruction services noted above and the dedicated construction oversight that we offer.

• Preconstruction services

• Single source owner contact and accountability

• Design responsibility and oversight

• Construction oversight and control

Hayner Hoyt leverages the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions to anticipate and resolve design, construct, and operational issues before construction. For many projects this allows us to define the cohesive strategic plan that our team will follow before we even put on our boots.

Our BIM and construction team pull together a 3D model containing all the pertinent schematics of a project and consolidates it into one simple, workable electronic catalog for on-site reference. This allows our workers to easily check detailed schematics while on the job—a process that has proven to reduce mistakes and save our customers time and money.

• Increased communication, efficiency, collaboration and planning

• Reduced cost and margin of error

• Shorter schedules

• Improved teamwork

• Marketing and fundraising opportunities

• Master planning tool

• Post construction facility management

Hayner Hoyt provides proven client-focused business practices, and the highest standards of quality and safety. We customize our project and budget management and construction services to suit each individual client’s needs.

Our collaborative partnership with the subcontracting community affords us better pricing and better performance. From beginning to end, we proudly stand by our product. We meet with every subcontractor individually to review their trade in detail, ensuring they will deliver to our critical standards. We also hold weekly meetings with their supervisors to review progress and address any quality issues.

•  Less rework

• Improved schedule

• Lower costs

• Better finished products

We use our unique Dynamic Resourcing model to quickly expand and contract our team, ensuring that there are no unfilled gaps along the way. This process provides the agility to maneuver across the entire project landscape while ensuring no detail goes unchecked. It’s a smarter, faster, more efficient way to work.

Dynamic resourcing offers a process of collaboration to manage and perform our work. It eliminates unnecessary tasks, reduces excess, creates a safer environment, and accelerates the job flow. It also ensures that the right person is working on the job at the right time and facilitates seamless communication among all team members.

We have a broad range of skill sets and use them accordingly for both small-scale and large-scale projects. We make it a priority to maximize efficiency while addressing all necessary details.

• Simplifies project coordination

• Increases communication, efficiency, performance and predictability

• Pinpoints opportunities for improvement

• Saves money and time

• Reduces risk

• Improves safety and quality of work


We commit ourselves to making the safety of our employees and all other workers on our job-sites a top priority.

Not only is safety good for our people, it’s also good for business. Safe job sites produce construction projects that stay on schedule and on budget by avoiding costly delays due to unsafe practices.


We hold safety-training seminars to reinforce existing safety policies and introduce our staff to new ideas, techniques, and best practices.


Our supervisors are all OSHA 30 certified, we have a full time safety director and two safety inspectors on staff, and all of our new hires undergo a comprehensive safety-training program.


Our proprietary SAMM Platform (Safety Assurance Mobile Manager) is an app we customized for our employees, subcontractors, and suppliers to put safety protocol at their fingertips. Working with SAMM means that safety is always a top priority.

The Hayner Hoyt Corporation is known for its post construction services. Not only do we make sure the turnover of the building is seamless and fluid, but we also respond just as rapidly to service or warranty issues that arise well after construction. Sustaining a high standard for service is critical to fostering strong relationships with our clients. We know that the last thing we do - or don’t do - is the first thing our client remembers. Our clients know that when they call, we’ll be there, ready to help.


We proactively manage the proper testing and commissioning of all building equipment and systems before you occupy the building.  We prepare detailed schedules and coordinate task execution down to the smallest detail.


We conduct a walk-through to show you the location, operation, and troubleshooting techniques for all of your building’s systems.


We provide our customers with a user-friendly directory for the maintenance and operation of your new building.


We want you to be completely satisfied with your new facility. Eleven months after completion, we conduct a comprehensive building inspection and correct any issues that do not meet our high construction standards.


We want our customers to call us anytime they have a concern or performance problem with their building, even if it is beyond the warranty period.  We will work hard and quickly to resolve concerns if and when they develop.


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